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The aim of the Euro-Asian transportation project is to set up a multi-channel electronic business platform to service the stream of road shipments from China/Asia to Europe.

Attracting shipments for transportation between China and Europe, using the road network, is a problem in itself. Exporters are generally extremely conservative in their choice of routings for their shipments and without graphic examples of the effective functioning of alternative overland routes, they will continue to give precedence to tried and trusted maritime companies.

With this in mind, the start of the Euro-Asian transportation project will need to be a trigger which will prove beyond doubt the realistic and effective use of road transportation links between China and Europe.

From a geographical standpoint, the Euro-Asian transportation project will initially cover three principal routings:

  1. China - Western Europe (transiting Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania);
  2. China - Northern Europe (transiting Kazakhstan and Russia);
  3. China - Southern Europe (transiting Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Turkey).
Principal routings of the Euro-Asian transportation project

It is clear that the Project is destined to failure if it goes down the route of using traditional methods of organising shipments, such as a network of intermediary freight forwarders, who themselves select trucking companies, a complicated system of accounts, pre-payments etc.

The project combines traditional road haulage with fundamentally new IT and business solutions, which will provide the haulage companies with stable capacities and the shippers with a reduction in both freight costs and additional intermediary expenses, as well as the most important reduction in the time required to deliver their goods to their end users.

The project is based on an electronic trading platform for transportation services (available vehicle tonnage). The project's client base - exporters from China, Europe, the USA and CIS - can purchase transportation services electronically for the delivery of their goods between Europe and Asia, as well as receiving a complete range of services, including shipment tracking, collation of transportation documentation and other dispatch services, as well as a full payment and accounting package.

The fact that these services are being provided electronically reduces to a minimum the expense and time of the exporter. At the same time, haulage companies, who have met the range of eligibility criteria to participate in the project, will be able to conclude long-term haulage contracts, locate return loads etc., which will increase their efficiency and their cost-effectiveness.

Participants of the Project

Participants in the Euro-Asian transportation project will be taken from among the Association of International Road Haulage Operators, investors (exporters, financial institutions etc.), as well as companies offering insurance and telecommunications services.

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